IWA 2018

IWA 2018

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Lone Star Tactical Combat Series

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The New Evolution Airsoft LiPo Ultrapower Batteries

Evolution Airsoft has just released their new line of Ultrapower Batteries, an extensive line of high performance batteries designed for those customers that don't need just a battery but require...

Evolution Airsoft LiPo Ultrapower

Evolution Airsoft LiPo Ultrapower


Lone Star Tactical Combat Series


Happy holidays from Evolution Airsoft

Electronic Trigger System

E.T.S. Electronic Trigger System

The Evolution Airsoft E.T.S.™ is an advanced device using state of the art technology compatible with most V2 gearboxes without the need of any modification.
Before its release in almost 2 years of developement it went through a number of improvements and modifications from its original design and the version we are now releasing is actually the Third Generation with several hardware improvements...

A letter from TangoDown Inc.

We are extremely glad to receive and publish this letter from the President and CEO of TangoDown® Inc.

  • Tangodown letter

TangoDown release

TangoDown release

TangoDown® Inc. enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.
Their reputation for unique design and quality manufacturing of weapon components has earned them first choice when it comes to stepping into arms way.
TangoDown® constantly shoot, train and listen to operator's needs...


Photos from IWA 2017


See you at IWA 2017

Powered by DyTac

Lone Star Tactical Combat Series

Evolution International, the European exclusive distributor of DyTac and Hexmag brands, is glad to announce the new array of co-produced Evolution Airsoft-Dynamic Tactical airsoft replicas.

The new guns Evolution-Dytac come with real Cerakote® finish, the special coating for real guns made using ceramic particles.

Each gun is delivered wih an Hexmag® 120BB magazine. The Hexmag magazines are made under exclusive license...

Performance Center Springs

The Evolution Airsoft Performance Center Power Springs

The Evolution Airsoft Performance Center released a new line of Power Springs designed to enhance the performance of any AEG.

The new springs are 100% MADE IN ITALY under very strict quality control on the production process and on the material. The springs are made using German steel wire.
The power springs feature a variable pitch design studied to enhance the performance wile reducing the stress on motor and gears.
Designed to last, the Evolution Airsoft Performance Center Power Springs will not loose the power, and will not break.
Top performance, consumer friendly, attractive packaging desing, affordable price.

The line of Made in Italy Springs developed by the Performance Center includes an exceptional quality set of enhanced gear box springs.

The New LR-300 Blowback

Assembled in Italy by the Evolution Airsoft Performance Center

Anticipated at the IWA2016 & Outdoor Classics in Nurenberg a few weeks ago, the new Z-M Weapons licensed LR-300 Blowback assembled in Italy by the Evolution Airsoft Performance Center is now available.

The LR-300 Blowback 2016 is available in 8 versions, 12'' Barrel and 16'' Barrel with the following combinations:

  • Full lenght rail
  • Half lenght rail
  • Black color
  • Coyote Tan color

The new reinforced gearbox is assembled in Italy and features a quick changeable spring device, stainless steel stamped selector plate, 9mm stainless steel radial ball bearings.

The gearbox is at the highest level, it features a stainless steel cylinder, a glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate piston with full size all steel rack gear, anodized cnc machined aluminum cylinder head, POM cnc machined Air Nozzle, steel gears, reinforced tappet plate, 16AWG anti cut silicone wiring. The quick removable metal spring guide comes with trust bearing.
High attention is paid during the assembly to the correct shimming and lubrication of the gears and movable parts.

The accurate assembly and the high standard components allowed to obtain an impressively high rate of fire never seen before on a Blowback gun, even with the use of a small 7.4 V Lipo battery.

The overall quality is the highest standard of the industry, the trademarks and dimensions are perfectly replicated starting from the real LR-300 blueprints provided by Z-M Weapons to make the most realistic air soft gun to date on the market.
Several parts are cnc machined from billet aluminum, like the impressive front railed handguard, the recoil spring works in the same way as in the real firearm and is compressed and released every time the heavy steel bolt carrier is activated by the piston. The folding stock is 5 position adjustable and adds to the gun an incredible versatility, even in the long barrel version where you can benefit of the accuracy of a 16'' barrel with the compact size of a fully folding stock.

No one of the air soft guns on the market express better then this the concept of "full metal" as on this LR-300 the only two plastic parts you can find are just the pistol grip and the stock end-plate!



Gas and Maintenance

Airsoft Guns are exposed to really severe working conditions. High Voltage LiPOs produce extremely high rates of fire, the sealing o-rings and packings are exposed to high pressure flows of hot and dry air (electric guns), freezing temperatures (gas and CO2) or quite high dry air pressures (HPA).

A simple lack of lubrication or cleaning and maintenance usually leads to a dramatical shortening of the gun service life and the commonly available lubricants and maintenance kits designed for real guns are simply not good for Airsoft Guns as they contain substances which are corrosive for most of the materials used on Airsoft Guns.

That's why it is so important to always use excellent quality cleaning and maintenance products specifically designed for air soft guns.

Evolution Airsoft extended its products range with two simple items, but probably among the most needed:

  • A spray Silicone Oil specifically formulated for the use on Airsoft Guns to clean and lubricate all types of sealing o-rings, hop up packings and inner barrels used on Airsoft Guns. It also forms as a protective film while sprayed on the Airsoft Gun surface preventing the rust from iron based parts.
  • A Teflon Grease which reduces friction due to the high level of Teflon particles contained in its special formula. Its use reduces friction on gears, bearings, bushings, and all moving parts like bolt carriers and slides of GBB rifles and handguns, making their action becoming smoother and more reactive.

TangoDown Exclusive License

TangoDown Worldwide Exclusive License

TangoDown®, Inc. enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.

Their reputation for unique design and quality manufacturing of weapon components has earned them first choice when it comes to stepping into arms way.

TangoDown® constantly shoot, train and listen to operator's needs.

Their goal is to make the warrior's weapon lighter and more efficient, whether a pistol, carbine or belt fed machine gun.

Evolution Airsoft has entered in a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with TangoDown® Inc. to bring the TangoDown® products into airsoft version.

First prototypes of the TangoDown® licensed air soft guns and accessories will be unveiled at the IWA2015. Don't miss to visit the Evolution Airsoft booth n. 7-231.

LR-300 2015

Z-M Weapons LR-300 2015

The Z-M Weapons LR-300 is the legendary assault rifle designed by Allan Zitta, one of the major firearms experts in the world.

The history of the LR-300 dates back in 1994 when the attention of the Seal Team 6 operators was captured by the LR-300 prototype.

The LR-300 was specifically designed for the Special Forces Operators, who were complaining about the limits of the original Eugene Stoner's design and who needed a platform more compact and reliable than the M4.

The LR-300 was a real milestone in the design of modern firearms systems, it was the first assault rifle equipped with a railed flat top receiver and, still nowadays, is the only AR type assault rifle equipped with a side folding stock.

Allan Zitta heavily modified the Stoner's design: shortening the bolt carrier and moving the bolt carrier spring forward the receiver, he was able to eliminate the buffer tube and adopt a fully folding stock, meeting the requirements of the Special Forces for an extremely light, compact, assault rifle able to engage effectively targets at 300m range.

The LR-300 is the most compact, lightweight and versatile M4 style assault rifle ever made, hence the denomination LR-300 "Light Rifle 300 meters range".

The LR-300 is now at its second generation, and it is this second generation that was brought to the Airsoft world by Evolution Airsoft with a fully licensed faithful replica of the Z-M Weapons design.

With its 2015 version, Evolution Airsoft releases to the market its second generation of the LR-300 equipped with a new gearbox which features a quick removable spring, full steel piston teeth, stainless steel selector plate, and a super fast rate of fire, thanks to the use of huge 9mm high speed radial ball bearings, making it the first air soft gun specifically designed for the use with 7.4V LiPo batteries in the world.

The Evolution Airsoft LR-300 is the most advanced and realistic air soft gun in the market.

On show at IWA 2015, stand 7-231.


Italian design

Here at Evolution International we are faithful to our philosophy: "Do it right or do nothing". That's why all our products are so good and why every new product is a success.

Faithful to our commitment we always start a new project from the ground dividing the development process in steps with high level of redundancy to ensure the products are really ready for the market at the time we release them.

The new products development and the long debugging and improving process is carried out in our R&D center Italy, this is one of our "secret ingredients" in our air soft guns recipe, and that's that little touch that make all our products unique.

Attention to details, commitment to quality and unparalleled level of realism, these are the Evolution Airsoft products.


Welcome to our new website.
When we decided to refresh the look of our website we decided to do it the right way in line with our philosophy: do it right or do nothing. So, this is not just a refresh, we re-designed the entire website from the ground to make it more user friendly and rich of complete information about the Evolution Airsoft products.

The Evolution Airsoft products fans will find a lot of interesting information and news about our Evolution Airsoft products line including the new releases, sneak peaks, projects in progress, and so on.
So, visit the website frequently to be always up to date with the most recent news about the Evolution Airsoft world.
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